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Rumor Roundup: BREAKING: Analyst says stuff about Apple


Is Apple's iPhone 6 going to feature a glowing Apple logo? (BGR)

Let me save you a click: no. No it will not. That's not just me making pronouncements from the mountaintop; this article's source (such as it is) says the same thing. Additionally, it's already been established that the most likely explanation for the Apple-shaped hole in the back of the next-gen iPhone's case is the same explanation as for the Apple-shaped hole that's been in the back of the iPad from day one. The entirely unglamorous explanation: it's a radio-transparent window for Wi-Fi signals. Whee. Also: duh.

Apple likely to ship only 3 million 'iWatch' units this year, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says (AppleInsider)

Ming-Chi Kuo says a lot of things. But- BREAKING: Analyst says stuff about Apple.

Here's my own note to investors: Apple is likely to ship 0 million iWatch units this year, because it's August, and we still have no physical proof that the thing even exists. Not a single leaked schematic, not a trace of a third-party manufacturer's case, not one ribbon cable, not even a sleuthed code snippet from iOS 8 referencing the device. We don't even have any physical mockups to get all lathered over, just a flood of terrible Photoshop concepts from bored graphic designers.

No credible source has said word one about this eternally mythical device. All we have to go on are years worth of dreck from "analysts" and worthless, nonsensical supply chain rumors from Asia.

Seriously, we've been hearing this "Apple is going to make a smartwatch" idiocy since September 1, 2010, the date the sixth-gen iPod nano launched and the first rumormonger to see it was like, "Hey, I could wear that on my wrist if I wanted to... Heyyyyyyy, wait a minute..."

Four years later, the device remains every bit as speculative as it did on day one. Show us some proof. Not your Buzzfeed-esque "17 reasons it makes sense for Apple to build a smartwatch" vomitus, either. Real proof.

Home button parts claimed to be for Apple's 4.7" & 5.5" 'iPhone 6' units surface with different designs (AppleInsider)

More ribbon cables! More, I say! Hang those who talk of less!

Claimed next-gen iPad Air rear shell photos show redesigned speaker, recessed volume controls (9to5 Mac)

Get a load of this: the next-gen iPad Air will look mostly the same as the current iPad Air, but slightly different. This is the kind of hard-hitting reporting you only get from Apple rumor blogs. Or the National Enquirer.

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