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New Xbox One bundle gives you 'Madden 15' for free


Microsoft is all about football at the moment. Shortly after outing its Sideline Viewing System for pro players and coaches, as well as a new NFL app for Xbox One and Windows 8, the company has now revealed how it plans to tackle the arrival of Madden 15. Surprise, surprise: it's an Xbox One bundle. Now don't expect a unique console or anything like that; instead, the Surface maker wants to lure you in by including the game free as part of this "limited edition" deal. So, in exchange for $399, you get an Xbox One without Kinect and a digital download of EA Sports' latest addition to the popular football franchise, plus three Pro Packs to use in Ultimate Team mode. The Madden 15 Xbox One bundle is set to hit shelves on August 26th, though you can pre-order right now from some online retailers, including the Microsoft Store.

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