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German, Austrian, Swiss games at Gamescom's Indie Arena


Independent developers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland are heading to Gamescom this year with the second annual installment of the Indie Arena, a showcase of games from smaller studios across those regions. Games due to display this year include The Last Tinker from Mimimi, The Masterplan from Shark Punch, Mercury Shift from Klonk, Beatbuddy iOS from Threaks, Schein from Zeppelin Studio and Paperbound from Dissident Logic.

The Indie Arena is in Hall 9, booth A-032. Last year the Indie Arena featured games to play, developers to talk to and walls to write on. There's a bit of overlap between Indie Arena and the Indie Megabooth, which is making its glorious Gamescom debut this year. Double the indie booths, double the fun.
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