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Killzone: Shadow Fall co-op DLC goes solo


If you watched our recent stream and thought to yourself, "I'd love the Intercept co-op multiplayer DLC, but don't want to buy Killzone: Shadow Fall," you're in luck as the downloadable addition is now available à la carte.

As we (poorly) demonstrated in the stream, Intercept plays out like a cross between the Horde Mode of Gears of War and a more close-quarters interpretation of the point-capture system seen in Battlefield 4's Conquest Mode. In a team with up to three others, players fight off waves of heavily-armed enemies (and occasionally bosses) while attempting to hold points on a relatively claustrophobic map, all the while gathering resources for each useful action which can then be traded for better weapons, air strikes and even jet packs. The attractive Killzone: Shadow Fall engine runs very smoothly during the chaos of four-person firefights and it's all too tempting to spend your precious moments admiring the scenery instead of lining up your next shot.

The standalone Killzone: Shadow Fall Intercept DLC is now available from the PlayStation Store at a price of $20. Intercept includes four gratis multiplayer maps at launch, and developer Guerrilla Games claims that "additional free maps" are in development.
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