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Race with rockets when SpeedRunners hits Xbox One


SpeedRunners, the four-player racing elimination game from tinyBuild, is due out on Xbox One in 2015, after its Steam release. SpeedRunners is currently on Steam Early Access, and already it has "thousands" of players online during peak times, tinyBuild says.

The game is local or online multiplayer (or local and online multiplayer), and it has players race against each other through a series of side-scrolling, platforming environments where they can swing, dash and lay traps for competitors, all with the goal of reaching the finish first.

SpeedRunners comes from a collaboration between two independent studios, DoubleDutch Games and No Time to Explain developer tinyBuild. DoubleDutch created the original SpeedRunners HD, which launched on Xbox Live Indie Games in 2011, and tinyBuild is publishing and co-developing this updated version.
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DoubleDutch Games and tinyBuild GAMES will bring SpeedRunners to Xbox One after it's Steam release.

We have been holding off consoles until we have a clear view of what the game shapes up to be. Now that the end-goal is clearer, we are confident in bringing SpeedRunners to Xbox One after the Steam release. ETA is 2015.

Every day hundreds of SpeedRunners videos are posted on Youtube, and the game has thousands of players online during peak times. We are working on adding new characters, maps, and game modes - alongside with improving the core "network code" of the game. Doing indie multiplayer games is hard.

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