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PlayStation mystery project hides behind bloody, icy teaser


Sony's apparently got something big planned - big enough to warrant a mysterious teaser video - though the above footage does little to explain what this project might be.

In its scant, 10-second runtime, the video alternates between images of serene frost and splattered blood. First, we see a snowflake accompanied by a falling droplet of blood, then blood stains a sheet of ice that proceeds to violently crack apart. The only real hint Sony offers to this mystery lies in the video's title, though "#PlayStationGC" merely suggests that whatever is being promoted here is likely to be properly fleshed out at the upcoming Gamescom conference.

With no reasonable conclusions to draw from this video, we leave it you readers: What's Sony alluding to here? The return of Jet Moto? An inexplicably frosty Vib-Ribbon sequel? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.
[Image: Sony]

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