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Report: Retailers limiting, canceling Destiny Ghost Edition pre-orders


If you have Destiny's Ghost Edition pre-ordered, you may want to double-check with your local retailer to make sure your reservation is still intact. Multiple accounts at the Destiny subreddit confirm that Best Buy and other retailers are canceling recent Ghost Edition pre-orders as demand outweighs expected supply.

While pre-orders for Destiny's regular and limited editions are still open, the bonus-bundled Ghost Edition will apparently debut in short supply, limiting it to early pre-release buyers. Surging prices in excess of $500 on eBay suggest that the bundle will be a genuine rarity at launch.

Destiny's latest pre-order cancellation reports follow up on an announcement from UK retailer GAME last month stating that Destiny's Ghost Edition was likely to sell out weeks before the game's scheduled debut. Destiny's Ghost Edition retails at $149.99.

[Image: Bungie]

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