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YouTube Find: How Find My iPhone saved an injured hiker's life


You often hear how Find My iPhone helps locate a stolen to lost handset, but a recent story from Washington's KIRO 7 TV reveals how the service can save someone's life. In this case, the app was the key factor that helped locate of a lost and injured hiker who was hiking at the popular Alpental summit.

"We'd still be searching if we didn't have the information off his phone because he wasn't really able to describe where he was," said Peter Linde with the King County Sheriff's Office. He oversees Guardian Two, the county's helicopter rescue crew.

The hiker had fallen down the side of a cliff and was unable to climb out due to his injuries. Search and rescue teams searched for him for more than 10 hours, but were unable to find him as he could not describe his exact position.

His wife then used Find My iPhone to locate his phone on the map. The search team used this information to match the location to a satellite view on Google Earth. These details allowed them to find the hiker and airlift him to safety. He reportedly is recovering in the hospital from his injury.

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