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Joystiq Streams: Embarking on an Abyss Odyssey

Ah how shameless, the way these mortals blame the gods! From us alone they say come all their Joystiq Streams yes but they themselves with their own reckless ways compound their pains beyond their proper share by playing games like Abyss Odyssey with such careless abandon.

Not an odyssey of the mind, not a Homeric odyssey, and certainly not a Magnavox Odyssey, Joystiq Streams is exploring the bizarre sidescrolling and fisticuffs of ACE Team's Abyss Odyssey. The same crew behind Zeno Clash, Abyss Odyssey marks a shift away from that game's surrealist first-person brawling. Rather than deformed characters getting punched in a muted, poisonous landscape, Abyss Odyssey has you picking one of three characters to dive into randomly generated abysses. Waiting within? New things to punch in unusual ways, but from the side this time!

Joystiq Streams will explore Abyss Odyssey's unplumbed depths at 4PM EST on Ludwig Kietzmann will be behind the controller while Susan Arendt backs him up and hangs with the chat.

Joystiq Streams broadcasts live every Tuesday and Thursday at 4PM EST, but unscheduled streams go live all the time, so be sure to follow us on Twitch to know when we're on.
[Images: ACE Team]

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