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Fatal Frame haunts Japanese theaters on September 26


Proving once again that Japan gets all the cool stuff, the upcoming Wii U Fatal Frame sequel is to be accompanied by a Fatal Frame feature film, both of which are currently exclusive to the island nation.

Though entirely in Japanese, the above trailer does offer hope that the film's creators have managed to capture the game's aesthetics and key themes. Spooky yet commonplace buildings? Check. Overly complex, anachronistic cameras? Check. Dour, possibly spectral Japanese girls? Check and double check. The trailer does take an odd tonal shift at the 1:00 mark thanks to a weirdly upbeat pop song, but that brief moment of levity is quickly silenced by a pile of teenaged corpses.

While it's possible that this Fatal Frame film adaptation might come to the West, fans shouldn't get their hopes up. 2008's Fatal Frame 4: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse remained in Japan despite claims from Koei Tecmo that the game would reach both Europe and North America, and the publisher has yet to make any mention of an English-language localization for the upcoming Fatal Frame 5.
[Image: Koei Tecmo]

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