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    Memory Quest: Dungeon Adventure is memorably triumphant

    Memory Quest: Dungeon Adventure on iOS adds a layer to memory-based tile games. Instead of matching two of the same image, the game challenges players to remember associations between weapon and enemy tiles. The game requires iOS version 6.0 and is compatible on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

    If you tap on a tile that has a wolf and the number one on it, you then match that tile with a sword tile with the number one on it. Numbers become even more important later on when you have more than one tile with an enemy type and different numbers. As the number of enemies increases, more complex combinations of weapons and enemies also emerge.

    Power ups are available such as health restores, which in some cases is useful for completing a level. Gems can be used to purchase more power ups at the start of the level if needed as well. I often had a generous surplus of power ups and gems, making Memory Quest: Dungeon Adventure unnecessarily easy. However, new players may find the ease of getting power ups beneficial to their progression.

    Memory Quest: Dungeon Adventure Quest screenshot

    Memory Quest: Dungeon Adventure features an inventory system, but is limited with only three slots. I found this to be a little annoying, as I would often have a lot more power ups than allowed space. The solution to inventory problems is selling power ups for gems. However, the buttons for using the item or selling it are very small and make it hard to select.

    The game also features tile associations with the skills of mining, fishing, and blacksmithing. If you select a tile that has a fishing pole on it, you can match it with a tile that has a pond on it to reveal a power up. Players can level up their character and unlock new power up abilities. I really enjoyed how the progression of leveling worked and the amount of customization.

    There are three skill areas to select from when leveling up and this in turn will help you later. The mining skill helps you get more gems in the level, providing more income for power ups. The fishing skill gives you more interesting power ups from matching those tiles. Last, the blacksmithing skill unlocks special weapons.

    Memory Quest: Dungeon Adventure Quest screenshot

    I did unfortunately find a bug during my playthrough, which detracted from the overall experience. Sometimes after I correctly matched two tiles, one tile would still remain. I'd occasionally tap that tile thinking it was still active.

    Completing the entire board rewards players with bonus experience points. If you fail to complete the entire board, it will take longer to level up. The art in the game is very fitting, while the music appropriately matches the dungeon theme. It is whimsical while maintaining the mysterious and adventurous atmosphere.

    Memory Quest: Dungeon Adventure offers a great challenge and hours of playtime. It is a refreshing take on tile games and the level progression keeps the player engaged. My only complaints are that some of the buttons should be bigger and that occasionally tiles don't disappear when they should. It is a great game and I recommend this game to everyone, grab Memory Quest: Dungeon Adventure on the App Store for US$0.99.

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