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Breakfast Topic: Have you ever attended a server-wide event?

Anne Stickney

For several years now, I've played the game on a variety of roleplaying servers -- mostly because I like the roleplay, but also because the atmosphere in general is pretty cool. This week I got to attend a couple nights of a week-long server-wide event that had participants from several different servers, thanks to CRZ, called the Tournament of Ages. While I didn't sign up to participate in anything, several members of the guild I'm in decided to, so I showed up to cheer them on and see what the event was all about.

It was honestly pretty amazing. The last RP server I was on didn't exactly have a gigantic population to begin with, not to mention roleplaying community, so being on a server with a roleplaying event this large-scale was kind of mind-blowing. We're talking hundreds of people milling around both roleplaying and participating in dueling tournaments, contests, jousting -- just tons of people, tons of activity, and a chat screen that would not stop frantically scrolling from all of the chatter going on in every direction.

Plenty of servers do these kinds of large-scale events for a variety of different reasons -- holiday celebrations, PvP tournaments, mass raids on major cities. It's not something that's restricted solely to roleplaying servers at all. So I'm wondering -- have you ever attended a server-wide event? What kind of event was it, and how many people were around? Did you have fun with it? Was it something you actively participated in, or just observed from the sidelines? Is this the kind of thing you'd like to see on your server someday?

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