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Capcom working to counter Street Fighter's Steam woes

Street Fighter fans are supposed to smash bumbling opponents and conquer long-standing rivalries, not grapple with shoddy netcode and general technical issues. Unfortunately, anyone running Steam copies of Ultra Street Fighter 4 (or its predecessor, Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition) is likely tangled up with the latter categories. Many issues are attributed to Capcom's switchover from the not-quite-dead Games For Windows Live, a change that already affects Ultra and Super, but the good news is that Capcom is aware of the issues and is working to fix them.

On Ultra's Steam forums, Capcom's "wbacon" stated that Capcom is "aware of the online activity and [performance] issues with the game and are working to get them solved as quickly as possible." Wbacon added the developer will continue monitoring forums for reports of any other issues, so if there's something in the way of your frame-perfect 20-hit combo, head over to the forums and let them know about it.
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