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Olé! The Matador joins the battle of Secret Ponchos

S. Prell, @SamPrell

Listen up, pilgrim: arena battle game Secret Ponchos has received a new update this week, introducing a new character, a new map and new mode in which to obliterate your enemies, Old West-style.

The Matador is Secret Ponchos' fifth playable character, and uses a combination of her saber and cape to dizzy and confuse foes before slicing and dicing them like hunks of steak. She and the other outlaws of the game can go toe-to-toe in the newly-introduced free-for-all Deathmatch mode, or join up with three other friends in 4v4 Domination. If you're getting bored of the scenery, you can also check out The Ranch, a new map set in the remains of a burned-out homestead.

To celebrate, developer Switchblade Monkeys has not only marked the Early Access title down to $8.99 - 40 percent cheaper than it's usual $14.99 - until August 19, but has also made it so that customers who purchase Secret Ponchos during that time will receive a second Steam code to share with a friend. Or enemy! Your choice.
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The Matador Joins Secret Ponchos in "The Matador's Moment" Plus 4v4 Modes, New Stage, and Sale

August 5, 2014 – Who says you can't bring a sword to a gunfight? The fifth playable character, The Matador, joins the cast of outlaws today in Secret Ponchos. Armed with her sabre and cape, The Matador is available for free to owners of Secret Ponchos on Steam Early Access.

Watch The Matador's Moment trailer:

The release of The Matador's Moment also brings 4v4 matches to Domination and the newly-introduced Deathmatch (no respawns, last outlaw standing) into the game mode rotations. In case that still isn't enough, also launching today is The Ranch – a new map set in the burned-out remains of Kid Red's home.

To celebrate The Matador's Moment, Secret Ponchos will be 40% off and the previously announced Double Down promotion will be extended through August 18. During the Double Down promotion, every purchase of Secret Ponchos comes with a second Steam code to send to a friend.

Twitch Stream Marathon
Switchblade Monkeys will be streaming matches on Twitch with the community on Tuesday, August 5, from 9am to 9pm PDT. Join them at:




Game Title: Secret Ponchos
Developer: Switchblade Monkeys
Publisher: Switchblade Monkeys
Genre: PvP Arena Shooter
Platforms: PC, PS4
Release Date: Out Now Steam Early Access, PS4 TBA
Price: $14.99 (regularly)

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