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Steam's game recommendation tags are now ready for everyone


At a loss as to what to play next after finishing all the games you bought in that last Steam sale? Don't fret -- after months of beta testing, the service's tagging feature is officially ready for prime time. Visit a product page and you can browse tags to see other games you might like in a similar vein, no matter how vague the criteria. Click "sci-fi" when checking out Space Marine and you'll see loads of futuristic titles; choose "Warhammer 40K" and you'll see more specific recommendations, like Space Hulk. You can create your own tags as well, although you'll want to use discretion. Valve is both consolidating tags that have a similar theme and getting rid of tags that aren't really helpful -- as much as you might want to label bad purchases as "junk," you'll have to resist the urge.

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