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The Last Tinker: City of Colors glues together a world on PS4

Everyone's got a favorite color, but most people don't love theirs enough to divide a hometown into hue-defining districts. Then again, most people don't solely consist of paper and glue, but The Last Tinker: City of Colors is set in a different kind of world: Tinkerworld, actually. PS4 owners can solve Colortown's disputes as protagonist Koru on August 19, when Loot Entertainment introduces developer Mimimi Production's craft to the PlayStation Store.

Koru lives in the outer district slums, where different colors can share the same canvas without causing trouble, but in the case of Koru, you can't harbor special powers without creating a bit of a scene. Drama can be forgiven though – The Bleakness has descended on Colortown, and it's up to Koru to curb its reach throughout a platforming, puzzling adventure.

A price hasn't been shared for The Last Tinker's PlayStation debut, but a response from Loot's Jason Sorensen teases that fans will "really want to be a PS Plus member" when it arrives. At least The Last Tinker's $19.99 Steam pricing for PC, Mac and Linux gives us a sense of what to expect.
[Loot Entertainment]

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