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Killer Instinct: Season 2 hits on Oct. 15


Killer Instinct's second season launches on October 15, bringing along two new fighters, game modes and a revamped interface.

Season 2 includes the characters TJ Combo and Maya. The Killer Instinct: Season 2 Ultra Edition includes eight new fighters to be released one per month after TJ and Maya, some costumes and accessory packs, and Killer Instict 2: Classic. The Ultra Edition runs $40. The Combo Breaker Pack is $20 and includes the eight new fighters, one per month. Individual fighters cost $5 each.

Purchase the Ultra Edition between September 23 and October 14, and snag TJ early.
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· "Killer Instinct" (Iron Galaxy, Microsoft Studios). "Killer Instinct: Season 2" begins Oct. 15, starting with new fighters TJ Combo and Maya, enhanced game modes and a completely revamped interface. The "Killer Instinct: Season 2" – Ultra Edition ($39.99) includes eight fighters with a new fighter added each month, select fighter costumes and accessory packs, and "Killer Instinct 2 Classic." The "Killer Instinct: Season 2" - Combo Breaker Pack ($19.99) includes eight fighters starting with TJ Combo and Maya, and a new fighter added each month. Additional fighters for Season 2 can be purchased for $4.99 each and fans can get TJ Combo early by purchasing "Killer Instinct: Season 2" - Ultra Edition between Sept. 23 and Oct. 14.

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