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Minecraft enters final testing before PlayStation 4 debut


Sharpen your pickaxes and keep an eye out for Creepers as the smash-hit building/exploration sandbox Minecraft is inching ever closer to its PlayStation 4 launch, according to a tweet from developer 4J Studios.

"We've handed Minecraft: PlayStation 4 Edition over to Sony for final test!" reads the brief message issued alongside the image you see above. As we reported a month ago, Minecraft: PlayStation 4 Edition brings with it a number of unique features including optional support for the DualShock 4 touchpad, save game transfers from both PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 and "a bunch of Sony-specific DLC coming soon after release."

Once Minecraft is available on the PlayStation 4, those who own the game on PS3 will be able to upgrade to the game's new generation iteration for $5. Developer 4J Studios has yet to reveal a release date (or even a vague window) for the game's launch, but barring any catastrophes during testing we expect more information soon.
[Image: 4J Studios]

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