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Neverwinter makes 'pretty big balance changes' in Module 4


Neverwinter devs are taking the opportunity of this Thursday's Tyranny of Dragons update to implement "pretty big balance changes" to several of the game's classes.

In a new dev diary, Systems Designer Chris Meyer promised that players will find that dodging and blocking will be more responsive with Module 4, and armor penetration should work on all powers correctly. But he said that the major balance changes were being targeted at Guardian Fighters, Hunter Rangers, Great Weapon Fighters, and Control Wizards.

Among other changes, Control Wizards will have AoE abilities nerfed, tank classes will be able to absorb more damage with shields, the Mark mechanic will be usable as a taunt, and Hunter Rangers will have all three paragon feat trees reworked to allow for dedicated stance roles. Meyer indicated that the Trickster Rogue and Devoted Cleric will be tweaked come Module 5.

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