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Relive the BBS dream (nightmare?) with Level 29


Do you hate the current Internet and wish you could go back to the days of boring text on a blank background? Of course you don't, but if you want to be reminded of just how great things are these days you can take a temporary trip down memory lane with Level 29, an electronic bulletin board being run on an Apple IIGS. The best part? You can access it via your web browser.

The BBS itself offers a variety of utilities and services, including the ability to register your own profile and set up a mail account. Of course, you'll be forgiven if you abandon ship before accomplishing either of those tasks, given that the board is running on a painfully slow 300 bps modem -- which, by the way, you can actually dial into if you feel the urge. Personally, I'd recommend using the site's built-in web browser client.

[via The Mac Observer]

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