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Norse fantasy epic Runemaster reaches PS4 in 'early 2015'


Publisher Paradox Interactive has announced that its upcoming, previously PC-exclusive fantasy epic Runemaster will appear on consoles, specifically the PlayStation 4.

Runemaster marks a drastic departure for developer Paradox Development Studio. If you know the name, it's likely from the studio's cult-hit grand strategy games such as Crusader Kings 2 and Europa Universalis 4. Runemaster, by contrast, is a relatively traditional fantasy roleplaying game developed for both new-generation consoles and the PC that drops players into the dark realm of Norse fantasy. Players are given a choice between two genders and six races (each of which boasts unique questlines), and are given free rein to explore a largely open world. "Replaybility is a core value for us at Paradox; the best games are those that you can revisit time and time again," stated Paradox Interactive in a recent entry.

There's no solid release date for Runemaster just yet, though Paradox is aiming for an "early 2015" PlayStation 4 launch. Paradox has made no mention of other consoles that the fantasy roleplaying game might eventually reach, but the publisher has also not ruled out the possibility.
[Image: Paradox Interactive]

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