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Dreamfall Chapters is now a PS4 console exclusive


A tweet from developer Red Thread Games has revealed that the PlayStation 4 will be the sole console home of upcoming episodic adventure game Dreamfall Chapters: The Longest Journey.

If the term "Dreamfall" sounds familiar to you that's because Dreamfall Chapters is a modern continuation of Ragnar Tørnquist's cult-classic adventure series The Longest Journey. Players will once again assume the role of Dreamfall: The Longest Journey heroine Zoë Castillo as she explores the ethereal, almost dreamlike realm of Arcadia and the comparatively staid world of Stark, though Red Thread also claims that April Ryan, heroine of the original The Longest Journey, will also appear in Dreamfall Chapters.

Before you PC owners get too worked up, keep in mind that this is only console exclusivity. According to a later Red Thread tweet, Dreamfall Chapters will make its initial appearance on PC. There is currently no solid release date for Dreamfall Chapters, though Red Thread was initially aiming for a November 2014 launch.
[Image: Red Thread Games]

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