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Hotline Miami 2 takes a spin on vinyl [Update]


Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number is coming to a new format: vinyl. Of course, vinyl is technically an old format for storing data, but you get the idea.

Devolver Digital's developer herder, Graeme Struthers, let slip the new Hotline Miami 2 format on episode three of the Super Joystiq Podcast Special: Gamescom 2014, recorded on Wednesday night. Struthers didn't mention what a game on vinyl actually entails because he immediately realized this was supposed to remain a secret for a while longer and was then too occupied with banging his head against a cabinet to say anything more.

While vinyl may be odd in a high-tech industry, consider this Devolver's version of a boxed product; a digital-only game making its way into the physical world. It's a symbol of the discerning publisher's dedication to its games. Besides, this could be the next big thing – so start liking it now before it becomes cool.

Update: We got in touch with Devolver to clarify what a game coming to vinyl truly means: "There are plans to release some of the music from Hotline Miami 2 on vinyl and that package would most likely include a download key for the game." What a beautiful marriage of old and new tech. The future really is a cool place.

Update 2: The second, final (maybe) response from Devolver: "We announced it kind of by accident but not really because it's not announced so Jess is not wrong but it's still not an official thing yet maybe. Final answer."

[Image: Devolver Digital]

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