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New images provide clearest look yet at iPhone 6 front panel (9to5 Mac)

These components are probably the real deal. You've got to love this quote, though: "Unfortunately it's impossible to tell from these photos if the phone is utilizing a glass or sapphire crystal display." No [kidding], Sherlock. It's also impossible to tell from these photos what brand of hand lotion the guy holding these components uses. It's also impossible to tell from these photos how much I'm laughing at your assertion that "most analysts expect this model to ship with a sapphire crystal screen," which you've said straight-faced as though anything any analyst ever says about Apple makes a drop of difference in an ocean of noise.

Plethora of alleged 'iPhone 6' parts show Apple logo, cables & camera ring (AppleInsider)

These components are also probably the real deal. And it's very refreshing to see something other than [expletive deleted] ribbon cables in a post like this.

Round 'True Tone' Flash for iPhone 6 Revealed in Latest Part Leak (MacRumors)

This component is also probably the real deal. Ribbon cable and all. *eyeroll*

Here's one way the iPhone 6 will likely be less exciting than you hoped (BGR)

Saved you a click: the iPhone 6 allegedly won't have a light-up logo after all. Which has already been pretty well-established at this point, but you can always count on BGR to clickbait a dead horse.

This probably isn't the iPhone 6 retail box you were looking for (BGR)

Seeing BGR of all rumormongers spend time debunking a stupid rumor is, quite frankly, blowing my mind straight into the stratosphere. The reasoning is sound, the conclusions reached logically... again, it must be emphasised, on BGR.

I'm scared. Hold me?

Bloomberg says new iPads (with anti-reflective coating) go into production (9to5 Mac)

Bloomberg says a lot of things about Apple's future plans. The fact that so few of them turn out to be true ought to have been a lesson not to treat them at face value. Guess not.

Also, according to BGR this is "one killer next-gen iPad Air feature no one is talking about." Except for all your fellow rumor pimps, eh?

There's a chance that the Retina MacBook Air might be ready for Christmas after all (BGR)

Good news: The unannounced product that has no proof for its existence other than the rantings of some analyst, which was "delayed" until next year, may not be delayed after all.

Bad news: To reiterate, there is no proof this product actually exists other than the rantings of some analyst.

Alleged iPhone 6 backplate appears in new, high-resolution leaked photos (9to5 Mac)

This is just another boring post about an iPhone component we've already seen dozens of times... at least until you get to this bit:

"While it's entirely possible that these photos are faked, the level of visible detail would make this quite the con job if that turned out to be the case (see the scuffs, scratches, dents, and texture).

"Of course, we've seen fake wear on iPhone photos before, including the last batch leaked by Sonny, which featured fake fingerprint smudges across the screen."

So... it's possible these photos are fake, but the level of detail makes you think they're probably real. Even though the same guy has already sent you faked photos.

I'm trying to decide if 9to5 Mac is really this daft, or... no, there's no other option. 9to5 Mac really is this daft.

Here's Why the iWatch is riskier for Apple than you think (BGR)

According to some guy on Twitter, no one is actually buying smartwatches right now, which means people might not buy the iWatch. This was apparently newsworthy enough for its own post on BGR. For some reason.

Snark aside, this "anonymous Twitter user" is actually right. The eternally-rumored iWatch is a product that has yet to see anyone make a compelling case for its existence. Exactly what problem are smartwatches supposed to be solving for us? I haven't heard a coherent answer to this question yet, and without an Apple product to copy, Samsung's efforts haven't exactly wowed anyone.

iPhone 6 Reportedly Entering Final Quality Control Stage Ahead of Mass Production (MacRumors)

Weibo is now apparently a "Chinese media source" according to MacRumors. I guess by that token, Facebook posts are fair game as well. #journalism #lol #hashtag

iPhone 6 gets unboxed before it even exists (BGR)

We have officially reached Peak Stupid iPhone Mockups. Some graphic designer made a mockup of an iPhone unboxing, and then BGR wrote a headline deliberately designed to dupe readers into thinking it's the real thing until they get halfway through the article.

Oh, BGR. Every time I think you can't sink to new depths of contempt for your readers in pursuit of pageviews, you prove me wrong. Never change.

PROOF that Apple is launching two new bigger iPhones this fall (BGR)

The ALL-CAPS PROOF: Apple allegedly filed import applications for two different models of iPhone.

The ALL-CAPS CAVEAT: "Unfortunately, any details regarding the specifications of the two iPhone 6 models or the quantity of units being shipped to Thailand were kept under wraps."

The ALL-CAPS CONCLUSION: BGR's writers seriously need less fiber in their diets.

iPhone 6 Front Panel, Power Button, and Mute Switch Shown in High-Quality Photos (MacRumors)

Whoever took these photos needs some serious lessons in how to take a proper "leak" photo. I mean, these photos are so crystal-clear that you can actually tell what the hell everything is. Clearly this photographer blatantly failed to flail the lens about wildly as he pressed the shutter button, and that is simply ALL-CAPS UNACCEPTABLE photography of leaked Apple components. Try harder next time, camera dude.

Pegatron Reportedly Lands 50% of 4.7-Inch iPhone 6 Orders for This Year (MacRumors)

This story is sourced from our old "friend" Digitimes, which, considering that publication's abysmal accuracy record for Apple rumors, can only mean that Pegatron has absolutely nothing to do with production of the iPhone 6.

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