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Samsung rolls out anti-iPhone "Wall Huggers" ad campaign to airports


A few weeks ago, Samsung rolled out a decently funny anti-iPhone ad titled "Wall Huggers." The commercial effectively takes shots at the iPhone for having poor battery life, forcing users to constantly search for outlets to plug in their phones. In stark contrast, the commercial tells us, stands the Samsung Galaxy S5 which comes with a removeable battery.

Now comes word via CNET that Samsung has started placing "Wall Huggers" print ads at select airports around the world. The ads themselves are positioned directly around wall outlets and tout the ultra power saving mode of the Galaxy S5. The ad also includes the tagline, "So you have the power to be anywhere but here", likely a subtle jab at the "You're more powerful than you think" tagline Apple began using in its iPhone commercials last April.

MobileChoiceUK was able to get an up close shot of the ad.

Clever, Samsung.

Call me crazy, but if the only feature Samsung can manage to highlight in their latest flagship phone is an enhanced version of stand-by mode, they're in trouble. Not surprisingly, Samsung itself realizes that it has a tough road ahead with respect to boosting its smartphone sales figures.

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