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EE lets queue-jumpers pay 50p for faster customer service

Matt Brian, @m4tt

If it didn't already feel like mobile operators were squeezing you for every penny, EE's new customer service charge could certainly help drive that notion home. BBC News reports that the carrier has introduced a new option on its support lines, allowing you to pay 50 pence to jump to the front. Think of it as the opposite of net neutrality, but for support centres.

Callers will now be greeted with an automated message offering the chance to move them up the queue. If they don't accept, they'll be left to wait it out with the other pennypinchers. As expected, customers aren't happy with EE's decision not to treat all customers equally and have taken to Twitter to voice their frustrations. The company argues that the 50 pence premium will help to improve customer service operations and allow it to open more UK-based support lines -- full of people asking why they had to lay down half a pound to be told to turn their phone on and off again.

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