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Death is not the end of Ninja Theory's other original IP, Razer

S. Prell, @SamPrell

Hellblade is the next game from UK developer Ninja Theory, but it wasn't the only original IP intended to follow up on the studio's early 2013 release of DmC: Devil May Cry. Speaking - and tweeting - at GDC Europe, Ninja Theory revealed Razer, an original IP that unfortunately died during the greenlight process.

In the game, players would have joined forces to fight a monster that had taken over the planet. The concept featured online melee combat, but was not picked up by publishers. Ninja Theory lamented the status of the AAA market, stating that, "The conditions of the AAA market mean that creativity can be restricted." Hellblade, for comparison, is being independently produced.

Not all hope is lost for Razer, though. Ninja Theory will be releasing all design documents for the game sometime next week, meaning anyone with the talent and means could, theoretically, finish it or create a spiritual successor.
[Image: Ninja Theory]

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