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Rumor Roundup: Of stones and glass houses


Assembled iPhone 6 Logic Board Revealed in New Photo (MacRumors)

Here's another shot of an alleged iPhone 6 logic board, except this time it has EMI shielding glued all over it, so it's way less interesting-looking this time.

Apple Meets With Thai Officials to Discuss 'iPhone 6' Approval Disclosure (MacRumors)

Apple is allegedly miffed that Thailand blabbed about the company seeking licensing for two different models of iPhone. MacRumors predictably takes the ball and runs with the idea that this is somehow related to the supposed 5.5-inch model of iPhone. One of the commenters on this story summarizes it perfectly: "Parts leaks: enough to build a working 4.7.....Not a single piece from 5.5."

Higher-End 4.7 and 5.5-Inch iPhone 6 to Get Sapphire Displays, Higher Price Tags (MacRumors)

There's absolutely nothing new in this report from The Wall Street Journal, which strongly suggests the publication is merely regurgitating rumors already "reported" elsewhere. It certainly wouldn't be the first time this has happened, but because the rumor blogs erroneously believe the Journal still has some credibility when it comes to Apple, the footloose and fancy-free reblogging explosion happens anyway.

Photos Claiming to Be of New Lightning Cable with Reversible USB Connector Surface (MacRumors)

From the article: "It is unable to tell for sure whether these cables are legitimate or not" (sic).

True. It could be a Photoshop job, or a Chinese knockoff, or a Samsung knockoff. The point is, it has something to do with forthcoming Apple products... maybe... so what the hey guys, pageviews.

LMAOOOO: TMZ runs 'exclusive photos' of iPhone 6 clone thinking it's the real thing! (BGR)

LMAOOOO: BGR has the gall to throw tomatoes at TMZ over this when BGR has spent the past six months foisting mockups on unsuspecting readers as legitimate IPHONE 6 LEAKS. There's a saying that those who live in glass houses should not throw stones. I think in this instance, it's more apt to say that those who live in manure houses should not throw poo at others.

NEW iPHONE 6 LEAK shows how Apple could fix one of the worst things about phablets (BGR)

Saved you a click: BGR and its source both think Apple has shrunk the area around the home button in order to improve one-handed usability of the purportedly larger-screened phone. They both think this because they don't understand how perspective works in photography.

The iPhone's sapphire future comes into focus (Macworld)

From the article: "This may be anathema for someone in the business of writing about tech to say, but I'm not all that interested in iPhone rumors."

Mysteriously missing from the article: "But I'm going to write about an Apple rumor for the next few hundred words anyway, because I'm on assignment. Or whatever."

Also mysteriously missing from this article is any proof for the headline's assertion that the iPhone's sapphire future is "coming into focus." The best we've got is a link to a Wall Street Journal report, which as mentioned earlier in this Roundup is merely a rehash of existing rumors.

Unsolicited word of advice: if you're "not all that interested in iPhone rumors," maybe trust that impulse and write about something you care about instead.

Apparent Photo of 5.5-Inch iPhone 6 Battery Reveals 2,915 mAh Capacity (MacRumors)

From the article: "It's difficult to confirm the authenticity of the battery."

It sure is. Given the fact that it doesn't even have a proper model number on it, though, I'm not exactly hopeful. Also, I'm curious how they arrived at the conclusion that this battery was meant for some mythical 5.5" iPhone 6 and not the 4.7-inch model. Also, if the markings on this thing are legitimate, it was manufactured in March of this year. Tell me that doesn't scream "prototype."

Another purported 'iPhone 6' leak suggests Apple's 4.7" model will have larger 1810mAh battery (AppleInsider)

In total contrast to the previous rumor, this one seems like it's almost certainly the real deal.

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