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    Manning or Brady? Peterson or McCoy? You decide with the new NFL app

    John Emmert

    Millions of Americans anxiously await September 4th. That's when the National Football League kicks off its 2014 schedule and begins a four-month journey of joy and anguish for Fantasy Football players. So now is the time to prepare and get ready for the months ahead. The NFL has launched the latest version of its NFL Fantasy Football-Official Fantasy Football App which is a free download for both the iPhone and iPad. It requires iOS version 7.

    This latest version offers lots of player information, statistics, injury reports, trends, and analysis. In addition, new features include Game Center where you can view in-season matchups, and a quick place to find NFL scores and information on any additional leagues where you are participating. Two other new features show up in this version, a 24/7 Draft Lobby that allows you to join and draft whenever you want and 24/7 Mock Drafts to provide you with the chance to practice your draft strategy.

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    I found that setting up a new league and entering my team were easily accomplished using the app on my iPhone, however you are not allowed to edit the league settings from the app. For that you have to go to the NFL fantasy web page, find your team, and then make changes in the league settings such as rosters, scoring, trades, waivers, etc. According to the site's support staff, more management tools will be added to the app in the coming months. Once you sign up and register your team, sends you an email with a link to your league's web page where the settings are easily changed.

    Once you have set up the league, it's time to get others to join you and hold your player draft. The app supports live standard draft and auction drafts. In the auction drafts team managers have a set amount of money and bid on specific players in each round. Additionally, the app allows for Autopick drafts. Each team manager can preset his or her rankings of players and the website will pick players for that team based on those rankings.

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    The app allows you to use a variety of social media sites to send out invitations and updates including Yahoo!, Facebook, Google, Twitter, and others. So there should not be any problem keeping team managers informed and up to date.

    The NFL app is just one of many similar fantasy football management apps. Others include Yahoo, ESPN, Rotowire, Footballguys, and CBS. The Rotowire and Footballguys apps cost US$4.99 while the others are free. All offer similar information and features including drafting choices, player stats and projections, injury updates, and the opportunity to set up your own league or join others.

    So if you already are part of a fantasy league you can check out the Fantasy Football app to see if it's better than what your league currently uses or if new to the fantasy football world download the app and get started. Remember just two weeks to go before the season begins.

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