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Facebook is doling out bounties to folks who find Oculus bugs


Facebook has a storied history of shelling out bounties to whomever manages to unearth bugs in its systems, and according to The Verge now it's willing to pay out cash to folks to find who do the same for Oculus VR's code. Interested? You'll stand to make a minimum of $500 for your efforts, and just how high that reward goes depends on the complexity and severity of the issue you dig up. This sort of bug hunting has the potential to become an awfully lucrative hobby - after all, Facebook didn't shell out billions of dollars to invest in the future of communication only to skimp when it comes to patching potentially critical problems. Here's the thing, though: you probably won't be ferreting out bugs in the Oculus hardware just yet. Facebook product security engineer Neal Poole told The Verge that most of the issues facing Oculus aren't found in the face-mounted VR goggles; instead, they lay dormant on Oculus' website and in the messaging system developers use to keep tabs on each other. Yeah, we know, sort of bummer - just know that Poole didn't completely close the door on more involved bug hunts down the road.

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