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Twitter can now prompt attachments via hashtag


Thinking about using a hashtag in your next tweet? Watch out -- Twitter might use it as an excuse to attach a video or image to your message. A promotion for ABC's new TV comedy "Selfie" revealed that Twitter can now prompt users to attach media to a tweet based on the hashtags they use. iOS users who compose a message with #SelfieABC, for instance, will be asked if they want to attach the TV show's first episode in the tweet.

Users still have to manually select "attach" to embed the suggested object in the tweet (and it only seems to be working on iOS for now), but it's an interesting evolution on what hashtags are capable of. As for the show? It's a modern, over-the-top take on My Fair Lady with internet humor and meme references liberally sprinkled on the surface. Sound like your kind of show? The first episode is just a tweet away.

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