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Corvo, guv'nor! Dishonored also playable for free this weekened


Steam is determined to siphon your free time away this weekend. Not only are the wastelands of Borderlands 2 free to roam in the coming days, but you can also slink in the perilous, industrial shadows of Dishonored without spending a sixpence. Arkane's stealthy adventure is free to download and play now, but only until 1PM PT/4PM ET/9PM UK time on Sunday, August 24. After that, you have to pay up to continue a-stabbin'.

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Bethesda's hoping to nudge you towards a purchase with a 75 percent discount, bringing Dishonored down to $5 in North America and £2.49 in the UK. At that price it's a perfectly executed steal, and if you want the proof, check out our four-and-a-half stars review. The discounted price will remain available until Monday, August 25.

Meanwhile, Xbox Live Gold members can grab Dishonored for free permanently on Xbox 360 as part of the Games with Gold promotion. That offer runs until the end of the month.

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