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The Witcher Battle Arena trailer gets MOBA in your action RPG

It's easy to lose hours to quests and item crafting while following The Witcher series' Geralt of Rivia, but for most adventurers, it's not an on-the-go experience. Thankfully there will soon be an alternative in The Witcher Battle Arena, due for Android, iOS and Windows Phone later this year. We played a few matches in the 3v3 MOBA-flavored battler at E3, but now you can get a glimpse of the action for yourself in the trailer after the break.

Flashy attacks, health and mana bars, character levels ... yup, looks like a comfortable style of play. Waiting around for official releases is for chumps, of course, so if any of the trailer's gameplay snapshots intrigued you, you can always sign up for beta access.
[Image: CD Projekt RED]

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