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The Queue: A little out of place

Anne Stickney

Welcome back to The Queue, the daily Q&A column in which the WoW Insider team answers your questions about the World of Warcraft. Anne Stickney (@Shadesogrey) is answering all kinds of questions today.

Keeshan looks like he has absolutely no idea how he's gotten where he's at. Since he's in my Horde garrison, I feel a little bad about it -- if there's one place he probably doesn't want to be, it's in a tavern with a bunch of orcs. But since he's offering a relatively fashionable -- if kind of gruesome -- Bloody Bandana as a quest reward, I'm not going to complain about it.

BlazeNor asked:

Q4tQ: Think we will ever get birthdays for our characters (date of creation) by Blizzard?

I had actually never considered that as a possibility for anything until you mentioned it just now. But that's actually a really neat idea, and now I'm kind of hoping we'll see something like that some day. Maybe have Lorewalker Cho send your character a little something, some nice dream brew or something like that on their "birthday", since he's already tracking everyone's stories and history anyway? Heck, I'd love to see that. Doesn't have to be anything complicated reward-wise, just a nice letter with a little acknowledgement of the day -- it'd be a cool little touch!

AndrewRoss asked:

Is there a limit to the number of followers we can have for our garrison? 2nd question: In regards to flight paths are the routes determined by the system or do the devs manually route each flight path? I don't understand why we still have so many loop de loop scenic tour FP's these days. I know they have vastly improved but not enough it seems

You can have up to 20 followers in your garrison, but if you have the level 3 barracks, that number is bumped up to 25. If you happen to recruit too many followers, you won't be able to send anyone on any missions until you dismiss the extras. As far as flight paths are concerned, I believe those paths are mapped by the programmers, they aren't just randomly assigned. If you're missing steps in between flight paths, sometimes the pathing can get more than a little wonky, though. So far in the beta the flight paths seem to be taking just about as much time as they do in Mists.

zewroz06 asked:

Did they discontinue "know your Lore" or did they combine it with "the Queue" when I wasn't looking? Seems like nothing but lore questions anymore around here...

I actually quite like answering questions that aren't lore related! However, we have to work with what we're given -- the same goes for the WoW Insider Show. I feel like this is a good opportunity to remind people that yes, we do answer non-lore questions both here and on the podcast, but in order to do so, we need to get those questions first. Don't be leery about throwing us class or general game questions when you're commenting or emailing the show. We'll talk about anything Warcraft related, really!

Razwick92 asked:

QftQ: I read the Hellscream short last night and I'm sort of confused about the timeline so far as it involves Garrosh's mother and his birth. Without spoiling too much, when Garrosh is talking to Grom, he mentions that he knows how Golka (she has a name!) died and that while there may have been more to the story than he knew, she seems to have died in the same manner in both timelines. She seems to have died a good long while before the corruption of the orcs, since the Warsong have drastically changed since her death.

Garrosh has gone back 35 years in Draenor's past, and is unsurprised that his mother is already dead, but given everything we know about our timeline, he should only be around 32-35 years old. Clearly Grom didn't father him after the corruption of the orcs, but with Golka already out of the picture, it's not like she ran off to Nagrand while pregnant about the time that the blood was drunk. So ... are we wrong about how old Garrosh is? Or is this just something they didn't think too hard about?

We know that Garrosh is older than 30 -- he was already in Garadar when the orcs originally went through the Dark Portal and began the First War in year 0. He doesn't have green skin, so he also had to have been in Garadar prior to Kil'jaeden's first contact and subsequent slow corruption of the orcish race, so he's quite likely older than that. In Beyond the Dark Portal, which takes place after the end of the Second War in year 8, Kargath goes to Garadar and encounters Garrosh. He describes him as a "young warrior," but goes on to note that he's tall and muscular, so it's not like Garrosh is a little kid at that point in time -- he wasn't 8 years old, so he has to be older than 30 by a decent margin.

Putting all of that together, it seems like Garrosh is probably somewhere in or near his 40's, which would make him roughly 16-18 at the time of Kargath's arrival in Beyond the Dark Portal. You also want to keep in mind that the Draenor Garrosh has traveled to is not the Draenor he was born or raised in. Certainly Golka may be dead, she may even have suffered the same fate, but the timing may be different on this alternate version of Draenor.

Either way, Garrosh's age doesn't really matter, it's not relevant to the story at all. As far as Golka is concerned, it's highly likely we'll be seeing more of her, and what happened to her, when the Grommash episode of Lords of War is released, since it seems like the incident surrounding her death is something very important to Grommash's character development. Hopefully we'll see that soon!

HerrKlokbok asked:

Q4tQ: Does anyone of you fine people know if the separate reputations in the Argent Tournament, like championing Stormwind, Gnomeregan etc, are account bound or character specific?

All reputations are character-specific. If you'd like faction-specific guards in your garrisons in Warlords, you might want to get to work bumping those reputations up to exalted so you can do so. With faction tabards available for all the racial city factions, it doesn't really take much time at all to get it done.

Have questions about the World of Warcraft? The WoW Insider crew is here with The Queue, our daily Q&A column. Leave your questions in the comments, and we'll do our best to answer 'em!

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