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Play all of the 'Connected World' Ludum Dare 30 games


But be warned: There are a lot of entries to play.

Ludum Dare 30 is in the bag, and so are a bunch of cool new games and prototypes from developers worldwide. Ludum Dare 30 includes the 48-hour Compo and the 72-hour Jam, both with the theme "Connected Worlds." This all went down over the weekend, from August 22 - 25.

With a theme like that, a lot of entries involve space, planets, shadow play, puzzles and death, oddly enough. A few (of the many) eye-catching Jam and Compo entries so far include Line Crossing, Star LORD, Collect Worlds, Starpiercer, Racer Death Derby, Ice Box, Nature Trial, Zanlings Match, Present & Future, Godshunter, Shrodinghost, Dominions'n'dominoes, Cablage and The Salt Pleeease.

A few established independent developers got in on this hotness, resulting in Antbassador from developers at Octodad studio Young Horses, and Chaos Heart from Towerfall creator Matt Thorson, Towerfall art studio MiniBoss and actor Ashly Burch. Chaos Heart is the one in the above image.

Judging for Ludum Dare 30 ends in 20 days.

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