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Spry Fox serves up Free-Range Dragons teaser


Free-Range Dragons is the next organic creation from developer Spry Fox, the studio behind complex puzzler Road Not Taken. A less mentally taxing game, the action of Free-Range Dragons is about "the joy of movement" and the team previously described it as "2D Monster Hunter."

"You have a flaming dash maneuver that can be used as both an attack and a tool for altering your trajectory," noted the company blog post of the game's teaser reveal. "We're still experimenting with a variety of additional attacks and powerups, like fireballs, flame breath, lassoing, and more."

If you're attending PAX Prime this weekend, go ahead and check out Free-Range Dragons at booth 135. Also ask for the foam bat so you can whack the devs a couple times for that part in Road Not Taken you're stuck on.

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