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T-Mobile wants to give your iPad a ton of data for $10


The battle for the loyalty of tablet users sees another shot fired today, as T-Mobile has announced a deal that duplicates the data allowance of any phone plan if you add a tablet. For the US$10 monthly tablet fee, whatever data plan you currently have for your smartphone will be duplicated on your tablet for no additional plan cost.

For example, if you have a plan that includes 5 GB of data for your smartphone, adding a tablet for $10 a month will include another 5 GB of data, for use with your tablet. Any cellular-equipped tablet is eligible for the deal, which starts on September 3rd.

If you already have a T-Mobile Simple Choice Plan and want to get some cellular data support for your tablet, it's hard to argue with a deal like this. Of course, if you're currently with a different wireless provider, you'll want to take a look at T-Mobiles plans before deciding whether or not it will pay to switch.

[via Engadget]

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