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Dropbox Pro changes increase storage to 1TB at the same price


Perhaps the most useful utility on all of my Apple devices is Dropbox, which makes sharing data between all of those various and sundry devices a literal no-brainer. Until today, Dropbox users with a Dropbox Pro account paid US$99.99 a year for a rather paltry 100 GB of storage. That sounds like a lot until you begin using Dropbox to back up all of your RAW photo files, videos, and every selfie you've ever snapped from your iPhone. Well, worry no further -- if you're a Dropbox Pro user, you'll soon find that your storage has magically increased tenfold to a full terabyte.

While the storage bump is the big news, the Dropbox gang also announced a number of other impressive changes to Dropbox Pro. First, and most important to those who use Dropbox to share documents with others, a number of changes have been made to sharing controls. It's possible to apply a password to a shared link now so that only those who have the password can view the document. Those shared links can now have an expiration time and date, and you can give files in a shared folder view-only permissions so that they can't be inadvertently (or maliciously) edited.

Living in a mobile world, there's always a chance that one of our devices is going to be lost or stolen. The new Dropbox Pro remote wipe feature lets you tell Dropbox to delete files from a specific computer the next time it goes online.

Most Dropbox Pro users have already received email notification of the changes, which will roll out to all of those users within the next couple of days.

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