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Microsoft OneDrive for Android now lets you mix business with pleasure


OneDrive, Microsoft's cloud storage service formerly known as SkyDrive, just got updated across several platforms. Most significant, perhaps, is its Android app refresh that adds OneDrive for Business integration, so you can easily access both personal and work files without having to switch accounts. You can now also set up a PIN code on the Android app and access OpenDrive files from within other apps. The iOS app, on the other hand, has a new native search box and an AllPhotos view, where you can see all your images arranged chronologically in one window. Finally, the app for Windows Phone 8.1 now has access to the recycle bin, which is extremely useful for people with jittery, delete-happy fingers. If you're on iOS and Windows Phone but would rather get those sweet, new Android features, though, don't worry -- Microsoft's bringing them to your platforms in the coming months.

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