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    Shoot your way through the beautiful void in Spaceborn

    Spaceborn is a beautiful, yet challenging shooter set in space. You navigate a spaceship between obstacles, avoiding enemy fire while trying to get as far as possible in each run. There is a lot of trial and error in this shooter as the difficulty vary in each run. Your spaceship shoots at enemies automatically which helps you focus more on the avoiding enemies and obstacles part of the gameplay. Spaceborn is compatible with iOS devices running iOS 5.1 or later.

    Players can choose between two control schemes, either tap to move or joystick. The joystick controls are a little hard to get used to because you can change the location of the joystick by tapping anywhere. The tap to move controls are easier to use than the joystick and feel more responsive, especially when shooting enemies. Players can pick up power ups that change your default weapon to a more powerful one. Some of the power ups were more useful than others depending on play style. If you want to stay back, the blue power up gives you a weapon that fires a powerful blue light stream to target enemies farther away.

    Spaceship shoots enemy ship with blue power up in Spaceborn

    Your spaceship is also upgradeable, which helps you defeat enemies quicker and better. You have the option to upgrade your ship before you start each run. This is especially helpful after a run to upgrade what will help you most depending on what you experienced trouble with earlier. Upgrades are dependent upon how many coins you have and after you upgrade one item, it will cost more to upgrade it again. I found the damage and coin magnet upgrades were the most beneficial ones to start building up for new players. The damage upgrade will help you get further in each run and the coin magnet will make it easier to upgrade other items later on.

    Spaceborn features a good array of enemies to fight and each one has an interesting attack strategy. This makes the gameplay exciting and more challenging, which adds to the fun. The difficulty level ranges from fairly easy at times with only a couple of lower level enemies, to very difficult when you are trying to navigate between astroids and enemies. Sometimes the difficulty was so hard that players might be discouraged. Selecting an upgrade or two and having the determination to see the run through to the end keeps players coming back. You are rewarded with a great feeling of accomplishment when you reach a boss after having trouble in a proceeding astroid field.

    Spaceship shooting rockets at huge boss spaceship in Spaceborn

    Spaceborn is a gorgeous space shooter featuring great attention to detail with accurate animations and stunning effects. The background has a lot of depth to it and is sometimes mesmerizing to look at with layers of stars on waves of blue and black and sometimes warmer tones. Even the music and sound effects combine in a harmonic medley of space funky electronic R&B. Every blast from your spaceship's gun seems to line up perfectly with the music and explosions add nice texture to the sound of the background music.

    Spaceborn is a wonderful space shooter with a lot of visual staying power and varying difficulties to keep players entertained. You can pick up Spaceborn on the App Store for US$0.99.

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