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Dog Days of Summer: Step away from the iMac and nobody gets hurt


Reader Lee Richards was taking care of a friend's Jack Russell Terrier a few years back, and as you can see from the photo above, the pup had no qualms about making sure that Lee was playing with him and not the iMac.

Says Richards, "Here is a picture of Bono, my friend's Jack Russell when I was looking after him back in the days of Mountain Lion. As you can see, he doesn't like to be ignored."

If you have a Dog Days nominee to share, let us know via our feedback page (and please remember that the photo has to have some sort of connection to Apple and its products -- don't just send us a photo of your canine buddy). For security reasons we can't accept inbound attachments, so you should host the photo (Dropbox, Flickr, iPhoto Journals, etc.) and send us the link.

Thanks, Lee!

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