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WRUP: WoW's next-next expansion


Welcome back to Massively's What Are You Playing, the game in which we tell you what we're playing this weekend and you try to guess what World of Warcraft's sixth expansion's theme will be. If you say pandas, time-travel, or orcs, you lose.

Anatoli Ingram, Columnist
@ceruleangrey: I don't know what I'm going to play! I have too many options and not enough time, so I'm paralyzed by indecision. For all I know I'll end up hanging upside down from the ceiling and playing nothing. Maybe I should get a dartboard, write the names of every MMO I have access to on it, and throw until I've figured it out. That's it! This weekend I'll be playing darts.

Bree Royce, Editor-in-Chief
@nbrianna/blog: This weekend I'll be putting my gaming space back together piece by piece after a cross-country move and a stressful summer. I'm so excited to log into my pet MMOs again. Guild Wars 2, Landmark, and Champions Online are first!

Eliot Lefebvre, Contributing Editor
@Eliot_Lefebvre/blog: Still going strong in Final Fantasy XIV with anniversary stuff and other projects, so that's sort of been my jam lately. I've also got some decorating to do in WildStar, and I'm debating how much I want to polish off in Star Trek Online before the expansion drops. All of this, of course, is a prelude to The Sims 4 on Tuesday, which will no doubt eat up much of my time.

Larry Everett, Columnist
@Shaddoe/blog: This weekend, I'm going to try once again to get my guild into the top 10 for conquests in Star Wars: The Old Republic. It's a bit less difficult for us this time, but there is still stiff competition. Other than that, or at the same time, I will be watching PAX coverage and crying about how I'm not there. Watch out for my whiny tweets.

Mike Foster, Contributing Editor
@MikedotFoster/blog: Well, I've re-broken an old climbing injury, so the weekend is pretty game-y. Dota 2, TERA, and my top-secret Choose My Adventure game are all possibilities, as long as I can keep my head relatively still while I play them. Seems like a good time to check in on my Animal Crossing: New Leaf town, as well.

MJ Guthrie, Contributing Editor
@MJ_Guthrie/blog: Thanks to the assistance (and awesome talents) of my partner-in-building-crimes, I've got a brand-new maze that's way cooler set up on my Landmark claim that needs a few finishing touches before I enable some PvP games in it. Then we will of course need to test it out! Other than that, I might dip my toes in a single-player game.

At the start of every weekend, we catch up with the Massively staff members and ask them, "What are you playing this week?" (Otherwise known as: WRUP!) Join us to see what we're up to in and out of game -- and catch us in the comments to let us know what you're playing, too!

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