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Weekly Webcomic Wrapup is making the most of summer

Technically the last day of summer is September 22, but the weather already feels like it's turning and we won't have another three-day weekend for quite a while. This holiday feels less about sleeping in and more about frantically trying to have as much outdoors fun as possible before the chill of autumn lingers beyond mornings.

While our frenzied efforts will eventually give way to falling leaves and the bite of frost, there's still a few weeks of enjoyable weather left! Our grill is fired up and this tarp we've laid on the lawn might work as a C-grade slip 'n slide, but we're wondering what you do to enjoy the summer weather. Are you a theme park junkie, or do you prefer weekend-long hikes that let you camp out under the stars? Not that we're trying to steal your ideas or admitting that you're generally more creative than us ... No, of course not.

Tell us how you make the most of summer in the comments, right after you read the comics after the break and vote for your favorite!

Penny Arcade (The Scintillator)
VG Cats (Night At The Muse- ... Freddy's)
Brawl in the Family (Comic Review: Super Smash Bros.)
Awkward Zombie (Reason for the Treason)
Hejibits (Mega Mug)
ReadySoup (Listen Up Greenhorn)
Critical Miss (Gaming Pick-Up Lines)


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