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Left 4 Dead 2 uncensored classified in Australia


Residents over the age of majority in the great nation of Australia are now permitted to legally purchase Left 4 Dead 2 in its unedited state on PC. Kotaku Australia confirmed with developer Valve that the new rating had been implemented.

"We are making plans to deliver that version to those who have already purchased the game. We will announce more details on that soon," Valve's Doug Lombardi told Kotaku.

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The R18+ rating saga in the region is a long tale, with the Left 4 Dead 2 subplot of bloodless limbs a significant focus of it. Although Australia does now permit games designed for adults in the region, the guidelines for the classification still hold games to a different standard than film.

Saints Row 4 had to be reworked just last year to receive a classification in Australia, curiously being edited to the point where it made the MA15+ rating.

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