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Tactical RPG Natural Doctrine misses turn, out a week later


Natural Doctrine rolls stateside onto PS4, PS3 and Vita on September 30, after NIS America pushed back the game one week for a second time. Kadokawa's fantasy RPG was originally due on September 16 before its first marginal delay. In fairness, Natural Doctrine's far from the only game to be fidgety this holiday season, with the games industry a bit like a teenager wearing in a new, uncomfortable pair of jeans, endlessly twisting, turning and re-adjusting itself as it tries to settle into a release schedule.

As for the game itself, Natural Doctrine stars a party of explorers who go on a mining trip, only to uncover all manner of monsters lurking underground. As a recent trailer shows, it looks to offer a fairly old-school tactics-RPG experience, with players able to co-ordinate attacks from a top-down perspective while 3D action takes places on the ground.

Check out the vid below the break.

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Once again, we have to note that silky-smooth hair... Oh, and perhaps more pertinently, we should note Natural Doctrine supports cross-save functionality across all three platforms, as well as cross-play with two-player online co-op and one-against-one multiplayer.
[Image: NIS America]

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