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WoW Moviewatch: Sad Horde Diaries

Cat owners will be familiar with Sad Cat Diary, in which a parade of adorable cats express their dissatisfaction with their existence, in which their needs are constantly thwarted by the mysterious machinations of the authority (read: their owners). Actually, we're surprised we're surprised it's taken this long for someone to make the connection between disaffected cats and disaffected WoW players, who are similarly thwarted by the authority (read: Blizzard). But now Sad Horde Diaries is here to correct that oversight.

Put together by TradeChat, Sad Horde Diaries collects the many miseries of the average WoW player in this familiar format... and though we may face different trials than our feline companions (who somehow don't even know what the valor cap is), the comparison does make our concerns seem a little silly. Maybe.
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