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Amazon Game Studios decides to play nice with iPad


When Amazon first announced it would be developing its own gaming apps under the name Amazon Game Studios, it was easy to imagine the software the group was working on would be exclusive to the company's own devices. The new release of Sev Zero: Air Support makes it clear that the web's largest retailer isn't planning on ignoring iOS after all.

The new game is actually a companion app for the full Sev Zero title, which happens to be an Amazon Fire TV exclusive. The Air Support app lets a second player jump in to provide some help to the main player, so it makes a lot of sense that it would end up appearing on the iPad, as well as Android devices.

A companion app is definitely a bonus for Fire TV owners, and I'm sure Amazon would like it to serve as an incentive for iPad owners to invest in the streaming box as well. Whether Amazon Game Studios will see fit to produce any standalone titles that cross platform lines remains to be seen, though chances are likely slim.

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