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Samsung's latest 105-inch UHD TV isn't just curved: It bends too!


Perhaps 85 inches isn't enough? Samsung's just introduced a 105-inch curved, bendable UHD TV (21:9 aspect ratio) at its IFA 2014 press conference. That means not only is it a massive, Ultra High-Definition screen, but also that it transforms "from flat to curved" at the touch of a button. If all that sounds expensive to you, that's because it is: the non-bendable version is around $120K, so we can only imagine how much this one'll cost (Samsung didn't offer a price this morning, sadly). If nothing else, it's quite pretty! Head past the break for a closer look.

Gallery: Samsung 105-inch bendable UHDTV | 9 Photos

Samsung 105-inch Curved Bendable UHD TV

Update: It's huge; it's beautiful; it's curved. Wait, now it's flat.

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