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Apple relaunches iTunes Connect and introduces Test Flight app ahead of Sept 9 event


With the release of iOS 8 coming in the very near future, Apple is prepping developers with a few new tools to help keep their apps working for users and themselves. First up is the relaunch of iTunes Connect's web portal interface. Upon logging in, developers will notice a new flatter design across the board, along with improved graphics and drop down menus.

The My Apps section of the site has been updated to provide improved app management, while a Resources and Help option has been added to help with customer issues. If you have a developer account you can see the changes for yourself here.

In addition to the new iTunes Connect tools, Apple has finally debuted their TestFlight app for beta testing management. Apple purchased TestFlight's developer Burstly last February. With TestFlight, developers can add users to a beta test using only their email addresses and manage beta users with ease from their mobile devices. The app is available now in the iTunes store as a free download, which you can find here.

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