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Apple Store app updated with new design, shopping sync feature


Apple today updated its Apple Store app to version 3.0, overhauling the look of the universal app on the iPhone and adding the ability to make One to One reservations on the iPad.

Apple has spruced up the Apple Store app, externally changing the application icon from a shopping cart to a shopping bag. Inside the app, the most notable change is the row of new icons on the bottom bar, which now includes Featured, Shop, Stores, Account and Cart. Besides the visual changes, Apple also removed the "More" button from the bottom and replaced it with an "Account" link.

Other modifications include an improved "Stores" tab that now shows upcoming event information for the local Apple retail store and a new syncing feature that allows a user to start shopping on one device and pick up on another device. The full list of changes found in the release notes are as follows:

  • Now start shopping on one device and finish on another, or even on your Mac or PC.
  • Find out about upcoming events and workshops at nearby Apple Retail Stores using the new Stores tab on your iPhone.
  • On iPhone and iPod touch, there's an all-new design with more refined navigation and imagery.
  • On iPad, you can now make One to One reservations.

Apple's updated Apple Store app is available for free from the iOS App Store.

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